Faulty Goods Policy

Upon receiving your goods if you feel that there is a fault with the goods or they do not meet the standards expected, in order to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and to minimise disruption to your project there are a number of steps which need to be taken.

  • Upon receiving your order you should check the condition of the goods. We appreciate it may not always be possible to open crates and check whilst the delivery driver is on site. If this is the case, we always advise signing “Goods Unchecked” on the delivery note.

  • Once any damages have been identified, we require a phone call within 24 hours notifying us of any damages to your goods. If the damages/faults have arisen whilst laying, stop laying immediately.

  • When all damages/faults have been identified and we have been notified, take photos of the damages and we will advise an email to send them to.

  • When we have received the photos of the damaged items, we will review them and aim to get back to you within one hour.

  • The process to return and replace your goods will differ depending on which supplier the goods have originated from (Stonemarket, Bradstone etc). We will outline these to you when a return is being made.

  • If you urgently require replacement products to complete your project, (whilst we understand this is not ideal, we are bound by our suppliers) so we advise to buy the replacement products from us and once the issue has been resolved we will refund the cost of the replacements.   This is subject to the products being deemed unusable by the appropriate supplier.

  • It is an industry standard across all suppliers and manufacturers that when placing your order, it is recommend you order an extra 10% to allow for any breakages (during delivery and on site) or cutting that is required.